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Fr., 29. März


Opening Doors

Akashic Records Seminar La Tzoumaz (English)

Training with Certificate

Das Seminar ist leider schon voll!
 Akashic Records Seminar La Tzoumaz (English)
 Akashic Records Seminar La Tzoumaz (English)

Time & Location

29. März 2024, 09:30 MEZ – 01. Apr. 2024, 17:00 MESZ

Opening Doors, Gräbligasse 1, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz

About the Event

All thoughts, actions and emotions of our current and past lives are stored in the Akashic Records, also known as the Book of Life. It is the world memory and contains records of this planet and all living things. By connecting to your Akashic Record, you can communicate with the teachers and masters who will show you causes and solutions to live your full potential and come into all-love.


In this seminar you will learn how to open and read in your own Akashic Records as well as for other people. The training includes all 4 levels of the Akashic Records. In addition to theory, there are many exercises on important topics that support your personal and spiritual development so that you will receive a lot of healing. Short meditations, rituals and physical exercises complete the seminar days holistically. If you attend the 4 seminar days in full, you will receive a certificate for the training at the end.

This 4-day Akashic Records training is aimed at all people who want to work on their spiritual and personal development and are looking for a divine tool that will inspire, heal and support them throughout their lives. If you work in the therapeutic field or work as a consultant/coach, the Akashic Records can also support you wonderfully in your work. The Akashic Records lovingly and powerfully transform the lives of those who use it and are invaluable.


- Learn what the Akashic Records are and what they can be used for 

- Learn to open your own Akashic Records

- Learn the prayers from the Akashic Records 

- Learn to receive messages with all your senses 

- Learn to formulate questions correctly 

- Learn the grace points


- Learn the guidelines for Akashic Records consultations 

- Learn to open the Akashic Records of other people 

- Learn to give counseling out of unconditional love 

- Learn to dissolve your self-sabotage


- Learn to strengthen your connection to the Akashic Records 

- Learn the causes of blockages and how to resolve them 

- Learn to forgive yourself and other people 

- Learn to dissolve dependencies and addictions


- Learn to release attachments and spiritual cords 

- Learn to live self-love and self-worth 

- Learn to connect with your higher self 

- Learn to resolve your personal issues

Important: After the training you are not yet able to offer professional consultations, you first have to gain experience by practicing for yourself and with other people in your environment for a long time. If at some point after the training you feel the call to offer Akashic Records consultations professionally to support people in life and give them healing, then I recommend you to attend at least one advanced retreats. The Akashic Records training does not qualify you to teach the Akashic Records!

I only work in small groups to ensure the quality of the seminar and I attach great importance to personally supporting and accompanying all participants and promoting their individual abilities so that everyone can get the most out of the Akashic Records training. In my work as an Akashic Chronicle teacher, I always allow myself to be guided by the masters and teachers of the Akashic Records, and I also deal individually with topics that each group brings with it, because it is never a coincidence which participants meet in a seminar. We will also do meditations, rituals and physical exercises to round off the seminar holistically. It is a great pleasure for me to conduct these Akashic Records seminars for the highest good of all, to go deep and let a lot of healing flow.


- Minimum age of 18 years 

- Openness and willingness to work intensively on yourself and your issues and to experience healing.

 - No drugs, alcohol, meat and fish may be consumed 24 hours before, during and after the seminar. 

- You do not need to have attended any seminars in mediumship beforehand, all people have the ability to receive the information from the Akashic Records.


The seminar takes place in a beautiful chalet in the mountain resort la La Tzoumaz (4 Vallées). It's easy accessible from Riddes by public transport.


Costs: Early Bird price until 30.11.2023 CHF 890.- / after 1.12.2023  CHF 990.- /after 1.2.2024 CHF 1090.- incl. manual & snacks (recurring participants receive a discount of CHF 200.-). The fees for the transfer must always be borne by the participant himself. If you want to pay at the post office with the QR payment slip, the fee of CHF 4.- will be added to the seminar costs. If you want to pay in euros, I recommend a transfer with WISE ( according to the current daily exchange rate, so that you don't have to pay as high fees as with a bank transfer. WISE is also reliable and very fast. 

Term of payment: within 10 days, for short-term registrations, the payment must reach me no later than 1 day before the event (bank transfer, TWINT, Postfinance) 

Number of participants: max. 8 participants 

Registration deadline: by 14th March 2024 at the latest!


Hier you can learn more about the Akashic Records (German only).

Hier you can learn more about the Akashic Records training (German only).

Come to this unique Akashic Records seminar in Zurich, it will transform your life in a wonderful way and inspire and heal you for a lifetime! I look forward to meeting you! :-)

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